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Here are some therapeutic principles that inspire my way of accompanying you.


Milton H. Erickson

Vous avez déjà entendu parler d'inconscient?

Explorer des états de conscience?  

Essayer par tout les moyens de venir à bout de ce qui vous limite?

L'hypnose thérapeutique permet un état de conscience où on est capable d'intégrer des ressources précieuses 

et comme son fondateur Milton Erickson aimait le rappeler.

"Notre inconscient en sait bien plus que notre conscient."

Milton H. Erickson

The unconscious

Everything that is done outside our field of consciousness.

Hypnosis allows you to expand this field of consciousness to choose what is done unconsciously and understand the language of the unconscious.

He is natural, hypercompetent, autonomous, omnipresent, personal, creative, simple and protective.


It communicates through images , metaphors and symbols .


Hypnosis provides access to the vast reservoir of unconscious resources that we all have within to find the best solutions .

Often, the problems we have are an attempt to solve  an unmet need. The purpose of a session is to diversify the possible solutions and to be free to choose the one that best suits

We are made up of many parts

Hypnosis makes it possible to harmonize and respect the needs of the different parts that compose us  to live in a balanced way_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ .

We have a conscious part and an unconscious part, themselves made up of several parts.

The unconscious part can have more childish , _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ wiser , more impulsive , more creative , fun parts.

The stories we tell each other that hypnotize us

Hypnosis makes it possible to change the perceptions of an experience to integrate learning from an experience.

Our brain builds representations of the world to adapt, react quickly, learn and optimize learning.

When we live a situation we have a perception of what we have experienced, sometimes this perception causes  suffering .

Learning and   The strength of resilience

Hypnosis makes it possible to update certain obsolete learning  and to optimize others.

At every moment of our lives, we learn things (consciously and unconsciously) that allow us to function more or less well.

We also,  all have the ability to overcome , to survive , and even to  to emerge stronger from experiences_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58_at first sight_insurmountable.


We are programmed to adapt , survive and transmit .

The role of


Emotions are the language of the brain .


It is essential  to listen to what they tell us because the language of the body never lies

  The brain goes faster than rational thoughts so it is from this base that we work in hypnosis to ensure lasting changes.

- Hypnosis to accompany you in several life situations -


Addictive behaviors  ( cigarettes , drugs ,   food) or relational addiction, have been implemented to meet a need .

During our life,  it happens that these  behaviors become  a hindrance to your well-being and to maintain _35954-c-de bb3b-136bad5cf58d_a profound change , the positive intention of the behavior must be taken into account.

Potential and creativity

Improve your potential and creativity through hypnosis.

In the field of education , sports , business ...

Hypnosis can be a great help in meeting your personal challenges .

Fears and phobias

They are set up almost instantly , often an experience is enough...

So why not get rid of it quickly ?

Life is already surprisingly generous enough, where is the interest of irrational fears ?


Sleeping well is essential and easy to find by combining good sleep hygiene and hypnosis .

transform emotions

Anger , sadness , feelings of inferiority , exclusion , shame , guilt , dismay , resentment , stress , uncertainty   are all messages to decipher !

What needs are hidden behind?

What are they inviting us to do?


Whether it's a person ,   a situation , a relationship , a dream , health ... 

What will allow you to get through this time of change as comfortably as possible?

stress and anxiety

Did you know that your body takes an hour to evacuate the cortisol produced by minutes  of stress?

With hypnosis and self-hypnosis , learn to manage your stress so that you have just the right amount of it to stay in control of yourself.

soothe chronic pain

Learn to listen to your body to  recognize the need behind your symptoms, pain and other sensory discomfort.

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